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Meet the Team

This is our 2020-2021 school team:

Leadership Team

Principal & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead – Miss K Beech

Vice Principal & Designated Safeguarding Lead – Miss A Pearce-Dyke

Assistant Principal – Mrs Z Blakemore

Assistant Principal for Inclusion – Miss R Swift




EYFS Lead – Mrs K Clarke

FS2 Mercury Teacher – Mrs A West

FS2 Comet Teacher – Mrs R Reading

Support – Miss L Bell, Miss L Lindley & Miss R Hoyland.


Year 1 Team

Y1 Apollo Teacher – Miss M Pape

Y1 Venus Teacher – Miss M Elliott

Support – Mrs K Cartwright & Mr T Allen


Year 2 Team

Y2 Earth Teacher – Mr L Garbutt

Y2 Halley Teacher – Mrs V Grocutt

Support – Miss B Robson


Year 3 Team

Y3 Pluto- Miss G Whotton

Y3 Mars – Miss R Whitehead


Year 4 Team

Y4 Jupiter Teacher – Miss E Brown

Y4 Saturn Teacher – Mr J Fogg

Support – Miss J Bennett


Year 5 Team

Y5 Neptune Teacher – Miss N Tourzani

Y5 Orion Teacher- Mr R Bailey

Support – Mrs S Sheldon


Year 6 Team

Y6 Cosmos Teacher – Mrs M Mashford

Y6 Sirius Teacher – Miss H Pratt

Support – Mrs A Butt & Miss T Ayub


PE teacher – Mrs L Graham

Maths Support – Mrs S Samanta

Pupil Support – Mrs A Evans & Mrs S Hussain

Pastoral Team- Ms S Rainbow, Miss K Buchanan & Mr M Gliniecki

Education Welfare Officer & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead– Mrs J Gibson

ICT Technician – Mr D Froggatt


Catering Team (Chartwells) – Miss A Gregg, Mrs D Bingham, Mrs A Dallamore, Mrs L Tew & Miss E Whitehead

Premises Staff – Mr A Evison, Mr R Andrew, Miss E Whitehead, Miss K Gill & Miss J Savage

Admin Staff – Mrs A Butterworth, Mrs K Rodgers, Mrs T Ojibara & Mr R Jemilianowicz

Midday Staff – Mrs K Elangovan, Miss K Gill, Mrs R Grafton, Miss C Saunby, Mrs D Mestu, Mrs S Naveed & Mrs K Djedje

Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year