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#FridayReflections #highlightoftheweek #vocation

The last two weeks have been highly emotional!

Last week the Y6s did an amazing performance, we had a wonderful HatFest party and the the fab leavers assembly, which I was very emotional at! (Ahem).

This week we received our Y6 results and I can’t be happier for the children and the school. For the 1st time in 3 years our Y6s have raised their scores to 52% working at the expected level, compared to 34%. This a huge achievement and another step to show we are moving the school forward.

To top it off we had a lovely Summer Fair (I can’t wait to see how much money you raised) and f

ound out we’ve been successful in grants for Project Playground of £20,000!

Like I said… emotional! I then got home and opened a card from 1 of my lovely Y6s with wonderful words that reminds me why I chose this profession and why 15 years on it’s as much my hobby as it’s my profession!

Enjoy the sun and the weekend!

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