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Good luck Y5 and Y6! 🍀

Y5 2022 have been a group of children that I will truly never forget! They have made me laugh so much over the year and I will miss them very much as they head off into Y6. They have left me with some amazing memories that I will cherish forever. Their kind, thoughtful words written into cards and showed by gifts made me cry this afternoon and I am sat here feeling very special right now! ❤️

We have had a lovely afternoon celebrating our last day together by eating doughnuts and jelly and ice cream! 🍩🍨

Y6’s a huge good luck to you all! I will miss seeing your faces around school but I know how fab you’re going to be as Y7’s!! ⭐️

Thank you for another amazing year!
Miss Tourzani  ❤️ xx

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