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Our Attendance

This week our whole school attendance is 96.1%

Class Winners:

KS1: Y1 Venus with 99.2%

KS2: Y4 Jupiter with 100% – very well done Miss Brown!


100% Attendance Winners:

KS1: Alana D

KS2: Misam A


Punctuality Matters:

Did you know that if your child is late to school by 15 minutes each day this the same as missing 2 weeks of school over the academic year.

Our school day starts when the whistle blows at 08.30am.

The start of the school day is an important time for children to develop their social skills as they line up with their friends, as well as preparing them for learning when they go into the classroom.


Should you wish to discuss your child’s attendance please make an appointment to speak to Mrs Gibson


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