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PE days

Hi everyone and happy Monday,

I’m so sorry to any Year 1 parents – when sending out PE days, I mixed up Miss Pape and Miss Elliott’s class! A message will go out on the parent app today and we will put a copy on the noticeboard near the Key Stage 1 gate but this is just confirmation of the correct days:


Class PE days
Year 1 Apollo- Miss Pape Monday and Tuesday
Year 1 Venus – Miss Elliott Tuesday and Wednesday
Year 2 Earth – Mr Garbutt Tuesday and Wednesday
Year 2 Halley – Mrs Grocutt Wednesday and Thursday
Year 3 Pluto- Miss Whotton Wednesday and Friday
Year 3 Mars – Miss Whitehead Monday and Wednesday
Year 4 Saturn – Mr Fogg Monday and Thursday
Year 4 Jupiter – Miss Brown Thursday only

Friday will be swimming day but this is not confirmed yet- we will let you know as soon as we know more. Children will just wear their school uniform for this day.

Year 5 Orion- Mr Bailey Tuesday and Friday
Year 5 Neptune – Miss Tourzani Tuesday and Friday
Year 6 Cosmos – Mrs Mashford Monday and Thursday
Year 6 Sirius- Miss Pratt Monday and Thursday

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