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At Hatfield Academy we believe that children have a right to learn and teachers have a right to teach in an environment in which everyone feels safe, secure and successful. We aim to promote positive behaviours and make sure that we have a school community where children thrive and feel respected, safe and secure.

 We recognise and encourage a positive approach to behaviour by teaching the desired behaviour through modelling and using rewards, praise and clear routines.  A graded approach is then used when dealing with behaviour that falls short of expectations.

Our whole school rules are based around Astrea’s dispositions of Resilience, Empathy, Aspiration, Contribution and Happiness.

We expect the highest standards of behaviour and conduct, support and encouragement from all members of our school community. Our aim is to enable children to participate fully in the home, Academy and local community whilst preparing them for the responsibilities of adult life in a diverse society.

Download our Behaviour Policy here

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