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Spring Term FS2

Curriculum Newsletter and Homework Documents can be downloaded below



This term will be an exciting time for our youngest children in school. We will be having a focus on the Astrea promise – Grow and eat your own food – Grow vegetables, create a herb garden, plant vegetables. As the weather changes we will be observing our plants and vegetables as they grow. As well as learning how to look after ourselves in the heat.

We are looking at different celebrations with a focus on Easter and Eid.

We will continue with daily phonics, maths, literacy and reading taught sessions as well as focus group time. Additionally there will be plenty of time for learning through play in both of the foundation 2 classrooms and outdoors. When we are playing we will learn how to become more independent and how to create our own stories.

The main text this half term is ‘A squash and a squeeze’ by Julia Donaldson. And also singing Old Macdonald had a farm. We will also be using linked texts: farmer duck, what the ladybird heard, the duck got stuck. We will be learning all about farm animals and as part of this we will be visiting Canon Hall farm.

We have been following children’s interests all year and will end the Reception year with a lovely surprise celebration for them before they start Year 1.



We will be observing 3 focus children each week from each class and then arranging to meet the following week to discuss their progress; learning and next steps.

In phonics we will be following the Read Write Inc programme. Please bring reading folders each day and the books will be changed weekly.

In maths we will be adding and subtracting; recognising shapes; repeated patterns and using sand and water to explore measurements. At our snack area we have introduced money so that the children now have to pay for their snack. This is encouraging lots of mathematical vocabulary; recognition of coins and a real purpose for using money.


Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year