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Year 6

Hi Y6!


Hope you are all safe and well and staying indoors. We know this is not the summer term you imagined for your last year at primary school. Both Miss Pratt and Mrs Mashford don’t want this to hold you back though! Every weekday we are uploading activities for you to do onto Seesaw. There is daily reading, maths, SPaG and writing activities for you as well as weekly Spanish, science, wider curriculum, THRIVE and P.E. opportunities.

It has been great to see your responses to the tasks and it looks like you are enjoying them a lot. We are very proud of you for still working hard in these difficult times. If there is anything that you still struggle with or some things are not clear enough, Miss Pratt and Mrs Mashford would be more than happy to help.

Furthermore, we are creating a year book for you to have as a memory of your time in primary school. We would really like all of you to contribute to it, so please follow the instructions if you haven’t replied yet.

Please could you send the following.

  • Name (your full name)
  • Nickname (if there is a nickname you had while in school and everyone knows you by it)
  • Class (Y6 Sirius/Y6 Cosmos)
  • My best memory (In 2-3 sentence write what is your favourite memory from Y6)
  • My Message (what message do you want to send to everyone, you can use some quotes/lyrics/funny messages/something that is unique to you)
  • Photo (a photo of just you that will be part of your profile – it can be a funny/serious/crazy/anything you want to be remembered by)
  • Vote: We would like you to vote for the following: Queen of Y6, King of Y6, Funniest person, Sportsman, Drama queen, Most likely to be a millionaire, Chatter box, Most likely to a prime minister, Dance queen, Most likely to be Youtuber, Most likely to be a famous artist, Most likely to be a famous author, Most likely to be a famous pop star and Most likely to be a famous magician
  • When you have everything ready send it to us onto our Y6 email: Y6@astreahatfield.org

We know it is a strange time right now but we are both incredibly proud of you all and to let you know we are working on some sort of leaving do to celebrate your time at Hatfield which will be shared with you when we have more information about the current situation!

Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year