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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Miss Pratt and Mrs Mashford are excited by all the thrilling things they have planned for the Autumn 1 half-term!

Our text driver this half term is ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Our wider curriculum work will be based on Yorkshire and the community and will include geography, art and design and technology. Children will be learning about the physical and human geography of Yorkshire and will be creating a children’s travel guide. They will also be creating some art work based on the artist David Hockney.

Our science topic is ‘Electricity’. We will learn about different types of energy – non-renewable and renewable, atoms and what they are made of and why they are important when explaining electricity. It is an exciting topic with lots of fun experiments to carry out!

In maths, we will re-cap everything we have learnt about place value and the four operations from Year 1 to Year 5 and will apply that knowledge to solve multi-step problems. Also, we will learn how to reason our thinking using maths vocabulary. We will have to work hard but there will always be some time for fun too.

In English, we will be studying several books this half term, starting with ‘The Unforgotten Coat’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce. The Unforgotten Coat is about two refugee brothers from Mongolia who are determined to fit in with their Liverpool schoolmates, but bring so much of Mongolia to Bootle that their new friend and guide, Julie, is hard-pressed to know truth from fantasy as she recollects a wonderful friendship that was abruptly ended when Chingis and his family were forced to return to Mongolia.

In relation to the book, we will be doing a wide range of writing activities such as diary entries, prose, non-chronological reports and constructing their own narratives.


Autumn 1 Newsletter

Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 1

Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year