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CPD: Programmes of support

CPD: Programmes of support.

At Hatfield Academy, we are striving to ensure our Continuous Professional Development meets the needs of all involved. Our CPD is planned to ensure we are developing the school, developing our staff and improving pupil outcomes.

Teachers currently receive a weekly Professional Development Meeting linked to the school priorities, a bi-weekly phase meeting which follows up and supports this CPD and a personalised, tailored CPD plan which incorporates CPD specific to a teacher’s personal aspirations for the furture.

We are currently working with the Teacher Development Trust (TDT) on the CPD excellence project to ensure we are delivering the most effective and impactful CPD that we can.

Please see the project brief below:

The CPD Excellence Hubs is a new project from the Teacher Development Trust (TDT) which will transform teacher development in England, supporting both staff and students to succeed.

Rather than simply delivering training to leaders and teachers, we are taking an innovative approach to change the way that schools design, commission and implement CPD, creating sustainable and lasting change.

This project will draw on TDT’s world-leading research base and extensive experience of working with schools across England and Wales through our TDT Network. Five CPD Excellence Hub schools will each use a rigorously evidence-based approach to support schools to build evidence-informed professional learning.

A CPD Expert Adviser in each Hub will work with ten Partner Schools. The Expert Adviser will work most closely with senior and middle leaders, enabling them to implement high quality professional learning for all staff in the schools. Their support will include:

  • personalised guidance with CPD planning and evaluation;
  • an annual review of CPD processes;
  • access to a map of local CPD needs and provision;
  • fortnightly leadership coaching conversations; and
  • half-termly attendance at local forums to share best practice around pre-identified CPD needs.


The role of the Expert Adviser is to support the Partner Schools in developing the culture, leadership and structures around CPD. This might include:

  • building a developmental staff culture with high engagement in professional learning;
  • developing the way that CPD is evaluated and meets students’ and staff needs;
  • Supporting evidence-informed practice, where staff engage with high quality strategies and well-designed CPD processes; or
  • reviewing and adapting the timings and structure of professional learning programmes.


The Expert Adviser will not deliver pedagogical CPD content; she or he will enable schools to build sustainable processes and systems for their professional learning, supporting teachers and students during the project and beyond.

Following a period of induction and training for Hub schools, the programme will begin its main phase in January 2018 and will run until the end of March 2020. Over that time, each Partner School will work to transform their professional learning to best support their teachers and students. The Expert Advisers will support them through that process, offering bespoke guidance as each school progresses on its journey.


In addition to this, at Hatfield Academy, we offer clear routes of development and progression for our teachers at all levels.

Please click on the link below to see the full range offered- from NQT’s to Senior Leaders.

Hatfield Academy Development Routes

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