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Y6 Yearbook

Good morning everyone,

just a quick reminder for our Y6 yearbook. Please could you send the following.

  • Name (your full name)
  • Nickname (if there is a nickname you had while in school and everyone knows you by it)
  • Class (Y6 Sirius/Y6 Cosmos)
  • My best memory (In 2-3 sentence write what is your favourite memory from Y6)
  • My Message (what message do you want to send to everyone, you can use some quotes/lyrics/funny messages/something that is unique to you)
  • Photo (a photo of just you that will be part of your profile – it can be a funny/serious/crazy/anything you want to be remembered by)
  • Vote: We would like you to vote for the following:  Queen of Y6, King of Y6, Funniest person, Sportsman, Drama queen, Most likely to be a millionaire, Chatter box, Most likely to a prime minister, Dance queen, Most likely to be Youtuber, Most likely to be a famous artist, Most likely to be a famous author, Most likely to be a famous pop star and Most likely to be a famous magician

When you have everything ready send it to us onto our Y6 email: Y6@astreahatfield.org

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