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Winnie the Pooh Needs our help.

In year 1 today we investigated what material would be best to fix Winnie the Poohs umbrella. We tested fabric, kitchen roll, tissue, cardboard and a plastic bag. We found the bag was best because it was waterproof.

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What a mess!

Year 1 had to help Miss Swift today as she got all of her materials in a mess!  She needed our help to sort them into groups. 

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Place Value

Year 1 have been learning about the value of digits. We have been using place value counters and dice to make different amounts in our grids.

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Toys of the past

We had alot of fun this afternoon in year 1 looking at toys of the past.  We what we had learnt in Science to describe the toys.  

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In art we used clay to make sculptures of natural objects. We had to use the modelling tools to add texture to our sculptures.     

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Here we are

We read the story here we are to identify the different human and physical features of the world around us.  

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Year 1 had a lot of fun today making their first animation. We are very proud of their efforts.   jacob Kelsey ruby

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What do I eat?

Year 1 have finished their topic on animals this week by learning what they and deciding if they are carnivores, omnivores or carnivores.  

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Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year