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In art we used clay to make sculptures of natural objects. We had to use the modelling tools to add texture to our sculptures.     

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Here we are

We read the story here we are to identify the different human and physical features of the world around us.  

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Year 1 had a lot of fun today making their first animation. We are very proud of their efforts.   jacob Kelsey ruby

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What do I eat?

Year 1 have finished their topic on animals this week by learning what they and deciding if they are carnivores, omnivores or carnivores.  

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Today in year 1 we looked at some fossils that Miss Swift found on a beach at Runswick Bay. 

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Today we finished our learning about explorers. We compared 2 explorers we have learnt about Columbus and Armstrong. 

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Amazing Aminals

Year 1 have had another fantastic science lesson all about animals. We had to classify different animals and say how we knew they were mammals, birds, fish etc.  

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Mondays Thunk

Today’s thunk –     We could only eat peanuts because elephants love peanuts. There would be less houses as they would knock them down. There would be more elephants because they would not be hunted. There would be more grass to play on.

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Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year