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Conductor or Insulator?

Y4 carried out an investigation to find out which materials conducted electricity when added to a circuit. The children identified that electricity could only flow through a complete circuit with an conductor.  

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Y4 print spiderwebs

This week in topic, Y4 have been creating their own spider webs using a range of materials to print a repeated pattern. The children have enjoyed experimenting which material would give them the best printing pattern. Just at look how wonderful they all turned out!

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Grab yourself a chicken #weareastrea

Y4 visited Aston Spring farm yesterday to deepen their knowledge on our class book Charlotte’s Web. We had a fantastic day looking at difference between the sub-urban area we live in compared to the rural farm. We even managed to grab ourselves a chicken!  

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Art Day – Year 4 Derby

When I first looked at the learning outcomes from  today, I was reminded that everyone is talented! The photographs below have been completed from first hand observational work and have used chalk and oil pastels to create shape and texture.   Mr N Kirk June 2018

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Y4 Football – Update

We had a great day at the Astrea Active 6 a-side football competition at Netherwood school. Hatfield Boys came an impressive 2nd and Charlie was awarded a medal for standing out for outstanding performance. Hatfield Girls improved with every game and gave 100%, we had lots of fun and represented …

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Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year