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Y6 have learnt about the mummification process in Ancient Egypt as part of today’s history lesson. Watch this space for some super examples of our work.  

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Static electricity experiments in Y6

Today, in science lesson, Y6 were carrying out experiments to prove static electricity. One of those experiments was to find out if a balloon would stick to a wall if we rub the balloon against someone’s hair. Emma and Layad proved that the balloon will definitely stick to the wall …

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Special mention celebrations in Y6

Today we gave our first certificates this year. We are very proud of all our children in Y6, however we chose A.J. and Mariama for excellent behaviour this week and James and Marcel for showing great resilience in their learning.

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Y6 find a mystery coat

Y6 discovered a mystery coat this week in Y6 Sirius’s classroom. It was a brown, thick fur one and upon inspection appeared to have some writing in another language on the inside and contained some strange polaroid photos inside the pockets. They did a fantastic job at writing predictions about …

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Thank you to the employers who have supported us with STEM this year